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My husband and I have been fighting for moneys $ 16,500 due to a insurance claim for damages to our interior of our home. They have hung up on my Husband they have had the check since April 2015 and I cant pay to have the work done. I have had 3 strokes and my Husband 3 heart attacks. They are taking advantage of the Elderly and Disabled.They have lied to us since December saying we are sending your check you will have it in a week no check has ever come. Then they say we need this paperwork we fax it, we follow up no they don't have it fax... Read more

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I have tried since my husband passed in July 2015 to help with lowering my payments long enough for me to get back on my feet its a paper mess they dont even know my phone number they are frauds Add comment

So our loan was just sold to this company and I'm quite concerned. I do have a question has anyone used the western union way to pay? Add comment

weve been keep contacting to them for a couple a year now....and we are really keep paying month after month just to keep track.and weve been having visitor to take pictures of the house every year.and my kids asking me why is she/he taking pictures of our room,kitchen,bathroom?and how am i gonna say they want to get our home.were hoping that theres a way to settle this thing off.we have this house since 2007.the SPS take over the services in 2010 and since then were struggling of payment.i really hope that theres a better solution to this... Read more

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I'm opposite.... After my divorce my wife unfairly got the house... Almost 3 years past she's still sitting pretty and has not made one single payment....3 years and when I ask ... Please foreclose ., all they offer are options to save the house.... I want out so I can clean up my credit.. They seem to let my ex squat for as long as she wants... They even cover the property tax!!! And for the record my wife will not sign a Quick Claims Agreement (ex wife) so I'm stuck on the mortgage and my credit goes to ***..... All cause they won't take the... Read more

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I had an approved short sale with BOA last year (negotiated by my lawyer) then all of the sudden the account was transferred to SPS and it all went to heck. I had an original buyer who stayed on for over a year before they gave up because of all of the delays. I have a new buyer now and I'm afraid they will give up too. It goes through cycles like this ... SPS asks for stuff, I provide it, then a couple months goes by and everything is out of date ... the cycle repeats. Nothing ever gets done. I assume I'm just headed for foreclosure at... Read more

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I always try to be a good person and do the right thing. I also feel that just because a corporation is large and not exactly a person, that does not mean people should be allowed to take advantage of them. I had a mortgage with this company for over 15 years. Moved out of the house and began renting the home out. Always paid my mortgage on time. When the economy took a dump, I lost my business and struggled to find a job for two years. Everyone was having a difficult time finding renters during the economic crisis. I missed several months of... Read more

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SPS has screwed around with our mortgage modification for over 3 years by constantly waiting until the end of the 3 month period where the financial info is good, then a few days before that date, we would get a letter saying that they needed more information. Often, this information was a restating of information they already had, or in one case something they had never required before. In all cases, our "loan advisor" had told us that all the information needed was already in their file. On multiple occasions, we had asked to speak to... Read more

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I had my mortgage sold from Bank of America to Select Portfolio! Select Portfolio welcomed me with open arms with a wonderful 7.75 interest rate! I tried to refinance, but I own my own business and according to SPS, they said I had "undocumented income"! That was the excuse they used not to lower my interest rate! SPS was laughing all the way to the bank at my expense. I was getting my paperwork together for my taxes and I printed out my SPS Statement!!! The following results jumped out at me: I paid $3000 per month for my mortgage payment. ... Read more

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I am reporting this company to thr statr attorney general. They will never give a modification.. They have been stringing me along for over a year!! They need to be put out of business. Read more

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