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Hi,if your a homeowner that is sick and tired of select portfolio servercing giving you the run around like I am them let's all get together and do a classaction lawsuit against this company let's show them that we are not going to be pushed around,select portfolio servercing had me under forebearance agreement for over 1 year I never qualify for any program,we as homeowners should stop these evil people they don't care who they kick into the streets.let's all get together and show these lowlifes what we can do,beacuse when we all work as a group they have no choice but to listenmy contact info

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Mar 31

Had my house for 19 years and I am now being told that I owe $202,400 when I paid only $85,000. My choices were that I can either sign the house over to SPS (lien), foreclosure, or short sale. They would give me $10,000 to move to another place. Have not received requested documentation since August 2013 and now being told I am given until 6/15/15 before my house is taken from me and my family. Hmmm!

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Mar 30 Jay, Maine

same problem paying 1012.00$ a month 8.2% financing we went thru the whole 9 yds with them I became disabled no longer able to work did not matter they keep saying they are not a mortage company well they got stimulus money to do this now my husband has lost his job so once again we have to try this processe again it takes forever & they want so much info over & over again for nothing they should be as the modification says even bringing the principle also they are a corrupt company ever see the 2 line title you need to send them a message

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They got me too

Feb 20

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Feb 16 Lakeland, Florida

MY account was bought from American General/Springleaf, in Nov. they are telling me I deferred a payment I didn't charging 80.00 more a month, then said I didn't have enough money in escrow when I had more then enough , now telling me I'm 4 months behind, I HAVE PROOF AF MY PAYMENTS I'm not that my past due is 1800.00. my payment is only 388.00 the bought my loan in NOV I made all my payments plus alittle more and still telling me I'm past due ,PLS. COUNT ME IN......I'm ON THE PHONE WITH THEM EVERY WEEK AND STILL NOTA DANG THING BUT FORCLOCER LETTERS AND STATEMENT SAYING I'm BEHIND..I NEED HELP WITH THIS COMPANY I ONLY OWE 11,000.00 ON MY LOAN WHEN GOT BOUGHT OUT KNOW THEY SAY 14000.00 HOW IN 4 MONTHS WITH PAYMENT OF MORE THEN DUE DOES IT GO UP..

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Feb 11 Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Please add me to the list. We are now 3 days into an eviction that was stopped by the judge. These idiots cost me my home of 24 years. Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Feb 09 Kearney, Nebraska

Count us in for the class action suit against
SPS....bad company.

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Jan 18 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I never agreed to anything with this company. My agreement was with American General. I just looked up and one day found that this company had my mortgage. They have started this loan all over again and I can not speak to anyone. They dropped my Life Insurance as well. This has to stop.

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Feb 16 Lakeland, Florida

I'm having same issue keep sending letters copy of statements and payments , when I do talk with someone, they do investigation and still nota, but a call saying they are looking into it . me while foreclose notices, saying I defer payment, one point my payment went up 200.00 more a month WTF, yes, I'm in on this

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Oct 27, 2014 Temecula, California

im having the same issue everyone here and here ( are having...we need to put these crooks out of buisness.

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Jun 24, 2014

I am having a same issues first with Washington Mutual(worst crooks) and then transfer to Chase (worst crooks) and now with SPS (scary). Please contact me, so we all can get together against these unfair and deceptive.
email :

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Mar 17, 2014

please contact me if anyone knows of a class action against these crooks.

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Mar 17, 2014

it took three years and every day faxing and calling during the last 60 days to get a 'modification'. it was "great".......not!!!! My mortgage went from 1700.00 to 1834.00 a month with a final balloon payment at the end of the loan of 140,000.00 Yes, you read correctly, after paying 1834.00 for 30 years I WILL HAVE TO MAKE A FINAL BALLOON PAYMENT OF $140,000.00 IN ORDER TO KEEP MY HOME. does that sound legal to anyone???? please advise.

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Mar 14, 2014

Let me join you. I did get a modification and have never been late but these idiots continue to show me 30 late every month. They need to be reigned in to obey the law.

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Mar 03, 2014 Mcallen, Texas

Please add me to the list my name is Enrique Estevan my email for any info please contact me asap

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tired of SPS

Feb 01, 2014 Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Please include me in any class lawsuit. SPS continues to practice unethically. I am not able to receive anything in writing and my payments keep increasing.

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Dec 20, 2013 Honolulu, Hawaii

I'am dealing the SPS...please include me in the Lawsuit.

thank you

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Dec 15, 2013 Indianapolis, Indiana

hello, i dought my house on contract in 1993 then in 1998 i had to get a mortgage then i ran into some money probles in 2001 and my brother payed them up then took over my house. the mortgage company i was with was colwell mortgage but in 2002 without me knowing anything about it then sps became my new mortgage company .they even had us pay taxes and insurance they said they payed for us when we already payed them .are pay off day was to be nov2013 but my brother thought his pay off in oct was $1,400.00 now they say we owe more money $6,000 im going to my lawyers office to talk to them.

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