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SPS has spent the last two years mishandling my loan and I am sick of it. Their end game is to keep everyone's properties and hope homeowners foreclose and I hope that something is down about this. I don't even know where to begin. Harassing calls, losing my...
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We modified a loan with Bank of America. 5 years later, B of A assigned the servicing to SPS. SPS denied the terms of the modification and are attempting to collect on the terms of the original unmodified note. Litigation is ongoing. We have spent almost $30 K in...
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This mortgage company won't release the insurance money so my home can be rebuilt after a fire. My insurance sent them over 225,000 dollars and they have only relased 75,000 dolars of it. My contractor finsisher more than 70 percent of the job and they were...
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Adrienne M100

I has been like pulling teeth. They have been holding on to my money for months. They didn't complete payment to one of my contractors and now I need to pay them because it ...


having a similar issue what liars did not choose these creeps.

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File a law suit on PortFolio Select - They are rippoffs handling monthly payments for morgtage- File a law suit these ripoff morgtage companies that making money on lot of forclosed properties. They are the worst services.FYI SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICING, INC. Entity...
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In March of this year I was granted a motion of stay under the protection of Chapter 13 bankruptcy Under the plan I was ordered to pay all current mortgage payments Startin 11/10 when my petition was filed I have done so On July 18th I received a demand from SPS for...
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SPS continues to increase my interest rate although I\'ve had a fixed rate. They requested a check for overages in my escrow to keep my mortgage payment the same for the past...

Karen W

I need to know who I can contact or an attorneys name in the south hills of pittsburgh. SPS had destroyed our credit and just keep raising our mortgage forebarence payment say...

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