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Took SPS four years to do a deed in lieu. Kept rejecting my applications for things like tax liens (that was news to the tax assessors office), mechanical liens ( again, none on file), my wife had not signed the application (she had died in 2011 and SPS had a copy of the death certificate), and the best one of all was they had me married to two different women at the same time (SPS is based in Utah you know) and both had died on the same day.

These people are the most disorganized bunch I have ever dealt with. They're a bunch of bottom feeders servicing what the banks consider "junk" mortgages that either aren't making the big boys any money or the bean counters are afraid are in danger of default.

Product or Service Mentioned: Select Portfolio Servicing Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We filed bankruptcy mostly because of being so upside down on our home Now we would like to move forward but the house deed still has our name on it We cant move on till we get our name off the feed Any suggestions

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