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having financial difficulties right now and closing most of my accounts, unable to keep up with my bills too many for now will call in the future but for now please cancel. I have over drafted my checking because I have too many bills to pay and I cant afford to keep paying the charges that are being taken out of my account to pay those bills plus the overdraft imposed each time.

I only bring in a little over two thousand dollars a month and I pay a little over that plus I need money for gas for my car and other things that need to be done around my house so, needless to say I am overdrawing on my account and being charged fees on top of it, I need to structure my account and get rid of a lot of accounts because of it.

thank you for your service I will call you when Im ready to do so, but for now I am getting rid of a lot of accounts and yours is one of them.

thank you,

Nitza Arroyo

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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??? What are you talking about ???

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