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Short Review on July 14, 2016

They screwed us... And we lost our home
Billing Practices
Customer service
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My wife and I tried working with SPS for a modification for about 3 years. When working directly with them, they would say that documents were not being received even after we faxed and mailed over several times. Our house almost sold because of this, they kept saying...
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I had flood damage. Insurance company (Allstate) issued 2 checks for repairs. SPS had to sign check also. They require homeowner to sign first. Once I signed and sent them the check they refused to release funds to me for repairs!!! They said they have to verify...
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Go to the bank during the busiest time of the day...and distract the teller...and cash it! ( *as long as you are behind on mortgage payments you will be expected to sign and h...

I didn't like
  • Lack of help in hardship
  • Theives
  • Customer service rep was hostile
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This company and mean SPS is nothing but a bunch ofouth breathing d#=kbags. They will not help you with nothing nor do the keep track of anything. I sent a $3000 dollar paymemt in to be applied towards my principle and they sat on it for 2 months and then split it into...
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We have a loan with SPS. My husband and I are both in sales, and have tried four times to get a loan mod from these idiots. The last time they told us we were "approved", then a week later said no sorry you were denied. They will not give us any reason except to say...
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I agree with the post, one person tell you one thing and another person tell you something else. They refuse to modify my loan without explaination, I thought the HAMP program...

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