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Chase sold my loan to sps starting july 1 2017. i did a payoff in june befiore it changed but chase didnt deposit the check, lost for 3 months, then SPS sent foreclosure men to my home sept 29th, i went to chase to see why it wasnt pd off.

Chase wrote new check that i called and od check by phone but they also put $85,000.00 in un applied area and took $15,000.00 out for late fees and other expenses. They said if we didnt guve them $3000.00 they would do fireclosure. We pd it again, then they said ni they eanted $4000.00 more. I told husband to get a written statement.

They refused and ended call. I received a statement we owed $12,000.00. At this point i googled who to complain for bank practices. I uploaded all my letters, copy of checks and notes from chase and SPS.

I forwarded with my complaint. They had to respond within 2 weeks, which was a letter saying we are responding to complaint and will notify you of decision. Af this point i called the Chase executive office who was handeling my complaint. She is sending a new payoff letter and is suppose to return loan to chase to funish.

I am waiting for her response and letter tomorrow. Im nit sure what will happen with SPS but will be happy to join class action suit and any other thing i can do.

I also contacted my representatjve for out district and they did respond but basic answer nothing can be done except refer me. Waiting to get this finished.

Product or Service Mentioned: Select Portfolio Servicing Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Finally got a letter from SPS telling me that our loan was paid in full unless they found some other charge they had missed. It is now December 25th and we started on July 1st trying to get this company to get our mortgage a zero balance which we paid to Chase in June.

They have lied repeatedly regarding our loan. They have taken over $10,000.00 thst we did not owe. When we paid a payoff balance, they would say they had to apply that payment to insurance and later in October taxes which we verified was not pd by SPS and we paid plus a late fee in December.

I have seen an attorney and currently will file complaints with the FBI, Dept of Justice and attorney general.

I may not get my money back from this company but hope to stop some other person from having these issues with their loans.


Chase and SPS are partners in white collar crime. Please google "SPS and the Chase Servicer Shell Game". Also, submit your complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

to Mcmiller53 #1409382

I did submit complaint to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and they did get a response from SPS but they did not check anything and closed the file. When I called to speak to them sgain, the person on phone was very disrespectful and rude.

I saw attorney which looked at my letters, phone records and money wire transfers and said to inform him If it wasn't closed by January 2nd 2018.

He said I need to think about what it cost to hire attorney and what I had already been taken by SPS.

Do I want to spend another $10,000.00. I do not but I would like this company to be closed and my money returned.

to Mcmiller53 #1514739

is there a class action?

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