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I was active duty when I received a loan from a lender for a new heat pump for my home. This loan was then sold without my knowledge or permission to Fairbanks Capital Corp. I was assigned to a forward post in Korea and tried to do an allotment, which means the money comes straight out of your check. They never applied the money, stated they never got it. After a 1.5 hours trip several times to my finance office we determined that 1)they got the money 2) they held onto the money for 3 weeks and 3)they then returned the money to the Dept of the Army. Because it was held so long the Army could only apply it to the next months check so I was out that money for 2 months. We called Fairbanks Cap and they gave us new numbers to use as to what there routing #, account # etc were. This happened 8 times in 12 months. The other months being the months the Army did not attempt to send the money because it was returned. I called and asked them (my last name is rare)to look up my last name and tell me how many people with my last name had accounts with them. Lady responded "1, you". I said "OK, how many with my last AND first names. She replied "that would be only you, also" to which I responded "Look up my social and tell me how many people with my social have accounts with your bank." to which she responded "you are the only one with your social." I then asked her to look up my address and asked her how many loans were associated with that address to which, of course, the answer was 1. I then asked her how many loans I had with her company and of course the answer was 1. I then asked her "so there is only 1 of me, 1 of my social, 1 of may address and I only have 1 account?" to which she replied "yes". "I then asked her "then how come the money comes from the Army with all this information attached to it and you cannot figure out where to apply the money? How does it take you 3 weeks to NOT figure out where to apply the money and then return it?"

They had a federal lawsuit against them as Fairbanks Cap and upon the judgement against them changed their name to Select Portfolio to attempt to hide the lawsuit results. This is against federal law.

They were trying to charge me late fees and interest on the account for their mismanagement of the account. I have paid them more than what was due on the account if you did not figure in late fees and interest. I told them that their refusal to accept payment, which in effect is what they did when they returned the money 8 times in a row, that there must not be a debt owed.

I received my new tax documents for the year and notice that their is a lien on my home, but there was no mortgage to start with. I have had no contact with them in almost 10 years, I don't believe it even shows up on my credit report. I am about to file a lawsuit for forced release of lien with my local court. Any suggestions?

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