I was notified by my local goverment that the second half of my property taxes were not paid for 1192.88. I informed Select Portfolio Servicing of this on March 24th 2015 and again in April of 2015.

I even faxed them the paper work. I called them on the 24th of April to see where the payment stood and was told that it should have been paid by the end of April. I received a letter from The Charles County Government that my home was sold at a tax sale due to the taxes not being paid I called Select Portfolio servicing and told them the the house had been sold. I was told that a check was cut, I asked them for the check number so that I can call the tax office and give this to them as of today I have until July 1st for right of redemption to get this tax burden paid, before the new tax bill would be due.

IF this is not paid. I would have to pay the old tax debt and the new tax debt upfront to get my home back. IF nothing is done, I will have to move by september 12, or November 12 before the tax purchaser has my home foreclosed on. I was in the process of asking for a modification, of which I was told last night it didn't go through, which means they were going to start foreclosure proceedure at any rate.

Select Portfolio dropped the ball on paying the back taxes of which should be added to the excrow balance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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