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Hi,I'm tired of select portfolio servercing giving me the run around,I have been under forbearance with selectportfolio servercing for more then a year and I never qualify for any program,I ask them what are the requirements they refuse to tell me,I also ask them who are the investers they refuse to tell me.

if there are any tired homeowners willing to start a classaction lawsuit against select portfolio servercing please let's all get together and take this company down we should not be treated like we are low lifes we all are hard working people that want a piece of the american dream of contact imfo,

Product or Service Mentioned: Select Portfolio Servicing Mortgage.

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Anyone still having issues with SPS? They are trying to get me to foreclose on my property and now not even accepting my payments and returning to me making my penalties rise even more. How do you stop these folks?


Hi I just wanted to know if there is an actual suit in progress? We need to be serious as certainly persue a class action suit ASAP

to Anonymous #1464512

I am one of those homeowners who has been a victim of these lenders. I've been getting a run around for years by lenders from EMC, Chase, now Select Portfolio who's the Servicer for Wells Fargo.

The Atty. of Wells Fargo wants me to drop the case against them. I got a Law Firm to help me litigate but I have been paying $2,000/mo to this law firm since August of 2017 but all they did for me is to get a settlement for $5K and an offer to start a loan modification from their Atty. in exchange to my withdrawal of the lawsuit!

I am so pissed that this law firm is not really helping me and they don't know how to help clients in these situations. They didn't even attempt to audit the validity of the mortgage debt. Let's get together and file a class action suit.

They're trying to bully us! I can be reached at

to Mel #1464589

Sorry to read that your Attorney wasn't able to help. I'm currently dealing with SPS.

They are note the note holders just the servicers of the note as such have no standing to foreclose.

Therefore, no authority to claim your home. In my case they can not tell me who they have been giving my money too in other words, who truly owned my note.


My loan was sold to the company through no fault of my own...I am treated like a second class person being told there is no help for me as far as refinance. Right now I pay taxes, insurance and interest with nothing going to principal and I'm never late on my payments.

The balance on the loan just keeps going up making my debt to income out of control! These people are no better than loan sharks.


Add me to this action, I am having same issue as many others here.

Houston, Texas, United States #1060778

My mortgage was originally with Bank of America and then it was sold to Select Portfolio Servicing also. I have had nothing but problems with them and I agree they are the worst.

I can never get a good explanation from them as to why my escrow keeps increasing. Even their Supervisors cant explain it and so they then refer it to their Resource Dept.

When I ask to speak with someone in the Resource Dept they tell me I'm not allowed to. I also believe that Select Portfolio Servicing should be investigated.


this company is unreal i would love to join a classaction lawsuit


Me too. Total of 5 years between BAC and SPS.

Eaton Rapids, Michigan, United States #743935

yes out me in this lawsuit i have been trying to modify and they always denie me spsp is offel

to monique #743937

oops put me in this lawsuit against sps

Tampa, Florida, United States #715898

:cry Nick .I 5 time tread the loan modification o reduce our monthly payment no help.the loss of house would be devastating to our family and we appear to have no options left to prevent foreclosure no help,S.P.S [SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICE INC,informed us that we are not eligible for a loan Modification due to their being a THIRD PARTY,no exceptions allowed .S.P.S title Notice of Foreclosure .If should be note that S.P.S appears to have an extraordinary number of unwarranted and unlawful foreclosure claims against them. :(



We just got off the phone with select Portfolio regarding our mortgage payment. originally we had mailed of our payment in a timely manner only to receive a call from select portfolio that the check had not been received.

So we called our bank the checks did not come thru hmmm never had a problem before now they are late first time mind you. so we make a check by phone oh let's not forget the late payment they tact on. get two confirmation numbers great at least now the payment will be made. Wrong they wait a week to call back saying that the larger one had been returned for insufficient funds What??

So a quick call to the bank and no there is plenty of funds in the bank what kind of BS is this company trying to pull. You know it is not enough that I have to take care of a terminally ill husband and a young son plus work two jobs to make ends meet. but now I have to deal with an incompetent company who can't seem to do their job. Oh we are sorry but another late fee will be applied to your account.

They are such crooks. So on top of it all I guess this might be the beginning of becoming homeless. I don't know how much more I can take from this Company how does a company like this continue to do business. is there anyway to stop them.

all I want to do is make my payments so I have a place to live is that to much to ask?

btw before our loan was sold to select portfolio we did a get a modification and now we are in jeopardy of losing that because of this. So if there really is a lawsuit going on I would be more than happy to join.


Been trying to get a short sale closed on a house for over a year and have had 6 offers on the property equal to or above the asking price and Select Portfolio has not acted or completed any of the offers. They were all withdrawn after three months of efforts to get a response. It is very apparent this company is a fraud and needs to be dealt with by a Federal Agency.

to Anonymous Goodyear, Arizona, United States #966693

I totally understand, please add us to any Law Suite.

In 2014 we attempted to sell our home in a short sale 125K asking, Our 1st offer was 105,500 cash on 9/16/2013 it was denied and they countered with 112,500 11/07/2013 and the bank denied it, 2nd offer 115,500 cash 12/16/2013, denied countered 125,00 on 3/3/2014, on 4/9/2014 the buyers cancelled the offer because the bank took to long to reply.

At the point we attempted a Deed in Lieu, it was denied.

As of today the they have had 2 trustee sales with starting bid 139,500 way above market (which it about 14,000 higher than the short sale 1 1/2 yrs ago). After reading other online complaints about the company I think its time the Gov. needs to get more involved.

Any direct you can provide

I am asking to have our names removed from the County Recorded, (list as Bank Owned). We would like to purchase another home in the future however we have to wait 1year from the date of foreclosure/title change.

New York, New York, United States #698309

Hi Guys,

This is not a coincidence. I was also with BOA, my loan switched over to SPS and have been given a run around for a year.

This company is a total scam and there must be a government agency that can help. I have been denied for a modification twice due to errors on their side that was confirmed by customer service. I called twice per week to confirm all docs were sent ad up to date but each tie they could not see fax image clearly (takes 3 days to image), I overnighted docs, which took 3 weeks to scan into system. Then by the time it was scanned, mod application expired.

They claimed they could roll application over for new federal mod, I agreed, finally was denied. I was denied because my income looks like too much because a monthly expense form was not added to request. So I looked like I did not have another single bill. This did not seem odd to the underwriters but sure did to the customer service rep who could only offer to reapply.

I searched the web and found many, many people echo my story but not one in support of this company and I have not heard of a single success story regarding them approving a modification.

This is clearly a fraud case against BOA & SPS. Anyone feel free to add e to a list for class action suit:


@Salmon Arm BC. I too was with Bank of Amer.

and had informed them I was working with a third party to do another modification because after 3-4yrs. the one we got did NOT lower interest rate did NOT lower principle and NOT lower payments. Our monthly payment was After another lay-off we were told cant redo for two yrs.

but found they were lying or wrong because this was a new incident. I just received a letter on on August 22 2012 from BA saying our loan was sold to SPS and thought what are the chances of this being a coincidence?I guess we have our answer.


We have paid our mortgage all along,never late.We bought our house in 2006 in our 50's. Since this time both of us have becomee disabled.

Bank of America held our mortgage. I was out of work with no income and repeatedly called Bank of America to have them send paper work for a modification. They never sent it! This was in January 2011.

Several months later I received disability benefits and assumed we would not qualify, as we were not backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. about 5-6 months ago i heard of a new program for those that were not backed by Fannie or Freddie and paid their mortgage on time. finally BOA sent the paperwork and when all was confirmed to be complete I received a letter stating my mortgage was turned over to SELECT PORTFOLIO. WTF????

This is not a coincident!We do not expect something for nothing. All we wanted was our interest rate to be lowered.When I contacted SP they have already given me the run around.We are paying 10.75% on our mortgage. Why can"t we be helped? Just a lower interest rate!

We are not going to take this laying down.I will be calling my Attorney General's office and anybody else who wants to listen. Something fishy!!!!!


my loan was just sold to this company and all this complaints and reviews are freaking me out we paid all our payments early and on time plus some to escrow,,, i hope we do not have problems :?


I think everyone around the water cooler at SPS decided

To answer your comment. Or maybe it's

The investors you been trying to get

In touch with. Screw him all. Walk away :p :p

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