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Hi,if your a homeowner that is sick and tired of select portfolio servercing giving you the run around like I am them let's all get together and do a classaction lawsuit against this company let's show them that we are not going to be pushed around,select portfolio servercing had me under forebearance agreement for over 1 year I never qualify for any program,we as homeowners should stop these evil people they don't care who they kick into the streets.let's all get together and show these lowlifes what we can do,beacuse when we all work as a group they have no choice but to listenmy contact info

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I totally agree. someone please contact me I think I have already written out my complaint. please contact me


the same goes for me if you have an attorney please contact me thanks


If you have an attorney processing the suit please have them contact me (


How do i go about stopping a forclosure with SPS


Yes! After illegally taking an original borrower off account they denied her of all access foreclosures on home...

in her name! Liars thieves and we need to *** them down .

I’m in!


I am interested in this as I have had nothing but a run around on my mortgage that SPS took over from another bad mortgage company HSBC


They took my house “legally” about 8 years ago. They’re lying thieves and yes I would join a lawsuit against them.


This company needs to be shut down!


I would love for someone to call me I'm dealing with them not wanting to pay my home off after lightning hit it and it burnt there just hold the check been going on 3 months now


8/8/18 - What's the status of this class action lawsuit? SPS and their attorneys, Marinosci Law Group, are extremely shady, conduct unethical actions, mail legal documents to SPS peeps that by the time docs are received you can't act on them, etc.

etc. etc. etc. If this truly has been started, then you should have a case number.

SPS and MLG NEED TO BE STOPPED. You can also file a complaint on the Federal Trade Commission site.

to LLV #1542225

I am currently suing SPS for fraud and info I can use is appropriate. 619 9942915

to Anonymous #1551658

I want in as well. I have been trying to get them to send some information concerning my mortgage but they are not complying. How do I get in on a law suit


Yes I'm in . email


We didnt have home owners insurance . we faxed all paper work now there charging 265$ saying they have been paying the insurance.


I have been facing some issues with SPS for several months and when I contact their ombudsman department they tell me that the they are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (which I verified in the BBB website). I am taking 2 actions; 1) I sent my complaint to the BBB, so I am asking the BBB how can a company like SPS be rated A+ when SPS did not reply to the BBB on my complaint 2) Closing my bank accounts in the bank that sold the mortgage to SPS, bank accounts that I have had for over 20 years.

If all of you can open your complaint with the BBB this may have an impact on SPS and they will finally deploy resources to resolve our issues.

Also, if you have the discussion with your banks, they will be more cautious when selling any mortgages to SPS. Hope this helps all of us.

to Francisco #1565294

I'm in

P & M Mckenzie

(Im in let get the class action lawsuit started. I started a short sale 9 months ago .

I've had two buyers with great offer the 1st buyer walked after a month because i didn't get a short sale approval. The 2nd buyer just walked after 90 days of waiting for sps to approve the short sale. Yes just like the rest of you they have given me the same run around asking for the same documents month after month with no results. I believe their game plan is to let you fall further in debt to rack up as much as they can.

To collect in the end a lot more than what they would have gotten if they would have approved it early on it's a game to them. And they need to be STOPPED!


Same here, very unethical


Has anyone started a class action against this company? If so please list the info. Thank you!!!


Y'all strap your boots on and get ready for the ride. 10 years for me.

Yep, I said 10 years. Only saving grace for me is that I refuse to be bullied and haven't made a house payment in that 10 year period. We're in a standoff. They tried to foreclose a few times and were denied.

There is currently no lien on my house because they can't provide the proper paper trail (because it doesn't exist). The bad part is that now they have sued me for default on a debt. That was 9 months ago and it's just sitting. I think they're hoping I'll sell my house and buy a better one, then they'll swoop in and attach a lien to it.

I refuse to lose to these people.

If you do your research and refuse to play their games, chances are they have no legal standing to foreclose or force you to sell your home. They are shoddy and shady, and they don't have proper paper trails to validate their claims.

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