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Hi,if your a homeowner that is sick and tired of select portfolio servercing giving you the run around like I am them let's all get together and do a classaction lawsuit against this company let's show them that we are not going to be pushed around,select portfolio servercing had me under forebearance agreement for over 1 year I never qualify for any program,we as homeowners should stop these evil people they don't care who they kick into the streets.let's all get together and show these lowlifes what we can do,beacuse when we all work as a group they have no choice but to listenmy contact info

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After 10 years of fighting and beating them using the law and the court system the Florida State Supreme Court on December 20, 2017 ruled against us and ruled 'Null and Void " the 'Law of Statute of Limitation' which in Florida was the only law that forced the mortgage comanies to negotiate in good standing with the homeowner as long as that homeowner was following the established legal requirement. The Florida Court system caved to the banks and we lost our home.


I’m interested


I’m interested.


Select Portfolio Services is a big scam and they do not care about really helping a home owner. They do not follow through with RMA request etc.

please add me to any class action lawsuit against them.

to KMS #1606699

It's been awhile contact me if you want in on a class action law suit, thanks

to Tony #1607385

my wife and i are going through the same thing please help us my email is


They did me wrong as well. I'm in


I know they have charged me fees that I did not agree to, they have not credited my account as agreed, leading to inaccurate accounting.

#1590103 we are loosing our home they are a fraudulent company inaccurate statements where does your money go?


Plz let me know of the lawsuit they are foreclosing on my family and I have a disabled child.i paid every month they were inaccurate on their web sight and when we call very fraudulent activity.


I totally agree. someone please contact me I think I have already written out my complaint. please contact me


the same goes for me if you have an attorney please contact me thanks


If you have an attorney processing the suit please have them contact me (


How do i go about stopping a forclosure with SPS


Yes! After illegally taking an original borrower off account they denied her of all access foreclosures on home...

in her name! Liars thieves and we need to *** them down .

I’m in!


I am interested in this as I have had nothing but a run around on my mortgage that SPS took over from another bad mortgage company HSBC


They took my house “legally” about 8 years ago. They’re lying thieves and yes I would join a lawsuit against them.


This company needs to be shut down!


I would love for someone to call me I'm dealing with them not wanting to pay my home off after lightning hit it and it burnt there just hold the check been going on 3 months now


8/8/18 - What's the status of this class action lawsuit? SPS and their attorneys, Marinosci Law Group, are extremely shady, conduct unethical actions, mail legal documents to SPS peeps that by the time docs are received you can't act on them, etc.

etc. etc. etc. If this truly has been started, then you should have a case number.

SPS and MLG NEED TO BE STOPPED. You can also file a complaint on the Federal Trade Commission site.

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